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Waze to your Dad’s heart this Father’s Day — 4 hacks to make your dad’s days better!

Waze to your Dad’s heart this Father’s Day — 4 hacks to make your dad’s days better!

by Vyncent ChanJune 15, 2018
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Our dads taught us most of what we know, but let’s face it, there isn’t much we can help our dad with. I mean, most of what we know came from our dads. But we can return the favor by making their daily commutes better with a few nifty hacks from Waze.

Be his guide

With Waze, you can record your own voice to help you dad navigate. To enable voice customization, head over to the Settings menu and tap on Voice directions. There will be the option to record a new voice, your voice. Now make sure your voice is clear so your dad can get clear instructions! Or if he isn’t a fan of your voice, perhaps check for the latest celebrity Waze voices?

Get him a digital co-pilot

You can’t be there everyday to help him out, so why not use let Waze help him hit his preferred destinations with Waze’s recommendations? Available for everything from parking lots to petrol stations, Waze will help your dad get a smoother commute as he runs errands around town. It can even provide the nearest clinics in emergencies, touch wood.

Help him plan ahead

With Waze’s Planned Drives feature, you can help him get to his destination right on time. With the estimated time of arrival displayed, your dad can easily plan his journey. He can even sync it with business meetings and Facebook events to never be late.

Let him worry no more

Whether we are 10 years old or 35 years old, our parents will always worry whenever we are not home in front of their eyes. Give them some peace of mind by sending your ETA via the Send ETA function. Not only will they receive your estimated arrival time, your dad can also follow your drive in real-time.

Find these tips useful? Share them with your friends, and make their dad’s lives better with Waze too!

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