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Gmail and Google Drive are facing downtime since 11am today

Gmail and Google Drive are facing downtime since 11am today

by Vyncent ChanMarch 13, 2019
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Some users are apparently facing issues with Google’s services, especially Gmail and Google Drive. There has been a spike of 3528 reports on, which does indicate that it is somewhat of a widespread issue.

Google has confirmed the issues with Gmail and Google Drive, and are currently investigating a solution to the issues. Issues for Gmail include attaching or accessing attachments, accessing and saving draft emails and sending emails. Meanwhile Google Drive is facing issues with uploading and downloading of files.

Most users on DownDetector reported issues with logging in, but I did check my Gmail at 11am today, which is around the time Google acknowledged the issue, but I faced no problems. I didn’t try sending an email though.

Are you facing problems with Google’s services? Do let us know!

Pokdepinion: Well even Google isn’t immune from a little downtime…

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