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You Can Soon Buy Games Directly on Twitch; It’s a New Way of Supporting Streamers

You Can Soon Buy Games Directly on Twitch; It’s a New Way of Supporting Streamers

by Aiman MaulanaFebruary 28, 2017
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The popular videogame streaming platform will soon allow you to buy games directly which will also support the streamers.

When it comes to videogame content, you have written content at sites like ours at, you have commentary and Let’s Play videos on YouTube, and you also have streaming on platforms like Twitch.

Some people make a living doing these types of content and when it comes to Twitch, creators will have to rely heavily on the viewers, in the form of subscriptions, donations, and other things. Soon, there will be a new way to support your favourite streamers.


Get It On Twitch: Buy Games and Support the Streamers

What started out as a simple platform for gamers to share their gameplay experiences live with the internet has grown to become one of the biggest social platforms in the world today. They’re not showing any signs of slowing down as they present their newest program, “Get It On Twitch”.

Soon, you can buy digital copies of games directly from the streaming platform. How it works is supposedly when a streamer is playing a particular game, he/she can edit their channel to show that they’re playing said game. When you see a streamer playing a particular game and you like it, you can buy it off that channel directly.

The sales will go through their parent company, Amazon (yes, that’s news to me as well), and the games will be available either via Twitch’s own game launcher or its own respective game launcher like

get it on twitch streamer

When a game is purchased, the streamers who have opted in the Twitch partner program will receive a 5% share of the revenue from the game’s purchase, while purchases over USD $4.99 will also get users a Twitch Crate with special digital loot for the platform, such as emotes, chat badges, and more. Developers of the title will receive a 70% share of the revenue from the game’s purchase, while the remaining shares will go to Twitch and other parties.

The program will enable people all over the world to purchase games directly from Twitch streams. However, you will have to pay in USD. Twitch said that they have plans to expand and allow other currencies to be used as well but for now, it’s strictly in US Dollars.

This program is expected to be available some time during Spring this year. Check out their video above about the new program to have a better idea of what’s it about.


Pokdepinion: It’s good that Twitch is giving gamers an easier way to buy games, while also supporting the streamers at the same time. Let’s face it, some times, the streamers aren’t getting much but at the same time, fans want them to stream as much as possible. This will grant the streamers an easier time making a living on Twitch, and we don’t have to giveaway money and not get anything…except for senpai to notice us.

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