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YouTube Wrongly Flags Robot Fighting Videos As “Animal Cruelty”

YouTube Wrongly Flags Robot Fighting Videos As “Animal Cruelty”

by Raja IdrisAugust 22, 2019
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There are literally millions of videos that’s on YouTube and of course like any other site, they need to maintain the standards of the platform. Well apparently the site’s algorithm wrongly flagged several ‘robot battle’ videos for showcasing ‘animal cruelty‘.

The news was revealed as users found out that users that uploaded videos of the sort found that their content were being removed on YouTube. Later they found out that the reasoning behind it was simply because they are thought to showcase cruelty to animals.

YouTube Wrongly Flags Robot Fighting Videos As "Animal Cruelty" 19

In response to the issue, YouTube has confirmed the error and they believe that they have now corrected it. With that said, videos that was taken down by the algorithm should be available on the video platform again.

Pokdepinion: This is rather hilarious. At least it shows that YouTube do take their content maintenance seriously I suppose.

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