Tt eSPORTS Shock Gaming Headset Review


Greeting , i got a few new Gaming Headset from Tt eSPORTS which is Tt eSPORTS Shock , Tt eSPORTS Shock Battle Edition and Tt eSPORTS Shock One , i will do unboxing for you guys first and later on i will explain to you how it sound . all of these headset already been tested torture and burn-in more than 2 week .

UNBOXING Tt eSPORTS Shock and Shock Battle Edition

Shock (1)

Left side Shock Batlle Edition and Right side Shock Black .

Shock (3)

As you can see in the picture above both of them are identical in specifications , the only different is Battle edition camo in dark army green .

Shock (4)

Everything is the same on the back .

Shock (6)

Shock Battle Edition .

Shock (9)

Foldable side by side Shock Battle Edition and Shock Black , i really like the headband glossy finish it give a premium feel to these headset .

Shock (10)

Both headset are identical design except the camo , and the earpad is using breathable cloth pad which is a great for long term use .

Shock (8)

Both of Shock and Battle Edition come with carrying cloth bag to protect the headset when you are on mobile .


Shock One (2)

Shock One USB 5.1 Virtual surround sound headset .

Shock One (4)

Flip Cover box with window that you can see the headset .

Shock One (7)

Inline control DAC for Shock One .

Shock One (5)

shock one also come with a carrying bag and extra earpad , by default it use the synthetic leather but i already change its to cloth earpad .


Before i start if you guys want more information about these headset please check out the link below

Tt eSPORTS SHOCK (black)

Tt eSPORTS SHOCK (battle edition)


All three headset already have been burn-in more than 12hour at mid level volume using Jlab Audio Burn-in and using onboard Realtek ALC889


Shock and Shock Battle Edition

These two are exactly the same to me except the camo , there is 7 different theme you can choose for these headset . How it sound? was it good? does it really have a good enhanced bass? ,

Music – if you look at the box , it say “premium sound an engaged battle victory” and “Bass Enhancement” , both of them does deliver a decent sound quality but lack of clarity because its bass to strong , for “Bass Enhancement” well this is true Tt eSPORTS Shock gaming headset it does give a good deep strong bass but there is a trade in clarity of higher frequency . Overall for music if you  a basshead i thnk Shock headset are pretty much good for you .

Games (Battlefield 4) – Shock deliver a decent sound quality for gaming but when it come to EXPLOSION! thumb up for this headset 🙂 the bass enhancement really does give a good explosion sound , other then explosion sound everything else sound a bit bassy and muffle , imagine your head was covered in a medium size box then try speaking .

Movies – for movies Shock gaming headset did not sound very well because actor voice sound very muffle , its like a thick scarf covering their mouth , but for movies that is more to action/explosion its a yes! for movies that have loooooong conversation totally a no!

Shock One

Shock One is a USB 5.1 virtual surround headset using DTS surround sound technology . The design is pretty much same with normal Shock but the cable is braided and the build quality more sturdy .

Music – being a USB headset and virtual 5.1 surround sound i did not expect anything good from this , but Shock One it does shock me a little bit 🙂 it give a nice warmth sound quality and the clarity is good to . but the downside is the bass feel flat .

Games (Battlefield 4) – for games i sound pretty much the same with the normal Shock but without the bass enhancement enemy footstep sound muffed .

Movies – in movies Shock One sound was good and enjoyable pretty much decent quality 🙂 .