TteSports Chronos DK gaming headset review


TteSports Chronos DK gaming headset is one’s among gaming peripherals with white and red colour to matches with team DK. Last week I have opportunity to play with it, without any further ado let’s jump to the specification.





Front of the box we have a picture of the actual product, the TteSports Chronos DK.

TTesport Chronos team DK-front


More details about the product itself at the back of the box and a little introduction of team DK and the technical specifications of this headset.


TTesport Chronos team DK-back


Inside the box we have the headset itself, 2 cables for PC and mobile use respectively. A single fabric carrying bag is included and the ubiquitous warranty guide.


TTesport Chronos team DK-packaging


The small in-line volume control has a plasticky feel and I found it uncomfortable to hold due to the unergonomic shape.


TTesport Chronos team DK-volume-control



The cable connector includes a USB connector for the LED lighting of this headset.


TTesport Chronos team DK-8


The headset looks really good, has a sturdy build and also has a nice weight on it without being too heavy, important criteria for any good headset. The cable is detachable is important especially after I heard someone damaged his gaming headset by tripping over the cable.


TTesport Chronos team DK-1


TTesport Chronos team DK-10


Fold flat design allows the headset ear cups to swivel and be stored flat inside the provided fabric cloth carrying bag.


TTesport Chronos team DK-2


The Dragon and TTEsports insignia are featured on the top of the headband.


TTesport Chronos team DK-3

Lycra material used for the earcups and padding under the headband, it feels comfortable. For long hours of usage I felt no strain or pain on my head and ears.


TTesport Chronos team DK-6


TTesport Chronos team DK-5


Adjustment of the headband is possible to cater to a variety of head sizes.


TTesport Chronos team DK-4


TteSports Chronos DK really works great. It has a certain balance to it, but as everyone has differing tastes regarding good sound quality, it’s necessary to try this headphone before purchasing it. Personally, the headset is lacking bass in some music genres especially DnB. It also suits certain types of movies, I watched a documentary, and the narrators voice is really crystal clear with this headset.

This headset’s main mission as a gaming headset is of course to provide good sound when gaming. I played several games, and it sounds great especially in DOTA2. In Battlefield 4 however, it doesn’t give you that really punchy explosion feel due to a lack of bass. But it still acceptable and feels good.

Lycra material used on the earcups and the headband is very comfortable, the feel is smooth and the material is stretchy.