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Lepin is now NUOGAO — bootleggers are back under a new name

Lepin is now NUOGAO — bootleggers are back under a new name

by Vyncent ChanApril 29, 2019
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LEGO has finally won their lawsuit against Lepin, which sees the latter having to shut down their company and pay LEGO RMB 4.5 million (~RM2.7 million). But it seems like LEGO’s battles with Lepin are far from over. Lepin has started off NUOGAO, which continues Lepin’s lineup of counterfeit Lego sets.

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All the references in Lepin’s website to the new brand has been removed, which seems somewhat curious since they seem to have been around for quite some time. A quick Google search even reveals the NUOGAO logo printed on a copy of the LEGO Technic Buggati Chiron which is worth at least RM1550 on Lazada.

Source: r/lepin

Lepin will probably continue to sell their lineup of products under NUOGAO until LEGO sues them again, gets stuck in a two-year lawsuit and finally wins. And probably the cycle will just repeat again after that, given China’s lax copyright laws.

Pokdepinion: Cut off one head, and two more shall take its place…

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