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Tulus Fikir – Visit to Local Animation Company

Tulus Fikir – Visit to Local Animation Company

by AmilxtechFebruary 11, 2015
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10/2/2015 – i was on college trip to one of the local animation company in Malaysia Tulus Fikir .

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Think Animation! Think Tulus Fikir! Tulus Fikir Animation House is a 3D animation production company, specializing in producing animated content. Established in 2006, Tulus Fikir Animation owns the worldwide distribution rights for, a 3D animated children program, which is currently being aired daily on TV Al-Hijrah, Malaysia’s free-to-air Islamic TV network. The, a doa in a capsule animation program is the first of its kind in Malaysia where it encourages and educates the young muslims to practice daily doa as a way of life. The response towards this program has been encouraging and to date, it has been distributed to countries outside Malaysia namely Indonesia, Turki and Lebanon.

I’m no fan of local cartoon even when i was kid the only cartoon i watch was “Anime” but the purpose of this trip was to show to the students how the animation industry work and at the same time exposing the process how to animate.

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The company located at Worldwide Business Centre Ii, Psn Akuatik, Precint Alami Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. When you going inside, although it may look empty, but actually they already been there for 5 year . The first floor is where all the business work and office matter happen.

Second floor is heart of the company this is where all the crazy stuff happen, “Crazy” is a bit over exaggerate 😛

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From what i remember the software that they are using to create animation is 3D Max and Maya . Seeing how they work it look so easy all they need to do just drag the model to animate it, and of course you can’t just simply drag it you have to follow the 12 basic principle of animation to make the animation look natural.

Tulus_Fikir (21)

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The picture above is the “Storyboard” section , this is where storyboard artist will do their job done. Storyboard artist have to create the storyboard first and present it to the director and the team before going to the animation process, if the story and the idea approve by the director they will continue to the next step.

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En.Zubir Zain CEO of Tulus Fikir , “There are 2 important things that you have to know if you want to work in this industry first is Commitment and second is Discipline, if you do not have this 2 things you will not go far“. said En.Zubir

To be able to perform in the animation industry you have to commit yourself , this is important because you have client and mostly client will give you a certain timeline to complete the job, if you do not commit yourself to the job i’m sure you will not meet your client timeline,

Discipline also important , well i know being a creative person you need to be free and easy going for the idea to come , if you working alone then you can be free as you like , but when you working with someone in a company discipline is a must. Discipline of working attire , discipline of working area and many more. This will ensure the quality of your work if you have a good discipline.

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Thank you En.Zubir and Tulus Fikir team for giving us the opportunities to see and experience how the animation industry work.

Picture Gallery Tulus Fikir Animation Company College Trip

Tulus Fikir Animation

Want more? checkout their youtube channel for more video : Animation Logic

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