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Razer Zephyr Is A Pretty Accessory And Not Much More

Razer Zephyr Is A Pretty Accessory And Not Much More

by Raja IdrisJanuary 12, 2022
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Remember that futuristic face mask from Razer? Yes, we’re talking about the Razer Zephyr, where it was not just about the looks, but it also served a purpose as a N95 mask/respirator. Well it seems that the company has made a u-turn to say that it doesn’t offer that.

Razer Zephyr doesn’t come with N95-grade filters

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Beforehand, the company has promoted that the mask utilizes N95-grade filters but it seems that they’ve taken down that part from their marketing. It seems that their decision to remove it was after Youtuber Naomi Wu posted a teardown video and subsequently called the Razer Zephyr a “fraudulent product”.

One of the requirements for a N95 certification is that the respirator requires to at least filter 95% of airborne particles. Aside from that, Wu has said that product is “useless” and said that the company has used “deceptive marketing”.

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Pokdepinion: So yeah… I mean it definitely looks cool but what’s the point if it’s not doing the job that it’s intended for (originally, at least)?

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