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Xbox One Was Originally Called “Xbox 720”, Leaked Documents Reveal

Xbox One Was Originally Called “Xbox 720”, Leaked Documents Reveal

by Low Boon ShenJanuary 31, 2024
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Xbox One Was Originally Called “Xbox 720”, Leaked Documents Reveal

Xbox One Was Originally Called "Xbox 720", Leaked Documents Reveal

Just so you thought Xbox’s console games couldn’t get any sillier, the leaked documents posted on the r/gaming subreddit (which was subsequently taken down by moderators) have revealed that Microsoft could’ve gone with a name that is likely even more controversial – Xbox 720. Once again, the Internet never forgets – so the leaked file in its full glory has been uploaded to this link.

The authenticity of the documents has been confirmed by sources from Windows Central, the content of which involves Microsoft’s strategy to position the “Xbox 720” as “the ONLY box you need for premium living room entertainment.” The console is designed to do everything a TV can already do at the time, including watching TV, playing DVD and Blu-ray content, and even video/music streaming, and of course, gaming.

To really hit home with that point, Microsoft originally planned to sell the console for the low price of just $299. The Xbox One cost $499 when it was officially released 10 years ago, so a $299 console would be a really ambitious strategy. In the end, the $499 MSRP ended up hurting Xbox One’s sales against Sony’s contemporary offering, PlayStation 4, which was $100 cheaper at launch.

The documents also briefly mentioned a lower-tier version of Xbox 360 that was originally going to be called “Xbox 361”. The company claimed this would be a low-cost Xbox for the mainstream, which does sound pretty similar to the Xbox Series S we currently have today.

Pokdepinion: I’m glad they went with the Xbox One name, but it’s not like the Xbox Series X/S is any better, is it?

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