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Destruction AllStars Is Out Now On PS5 – Free for PS Plus subscribers for a limited time

Destruction AllStars Is Out Now On PS5 – Free for PS Plus subscribers for a limited time

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieFebruary 3, 2021
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Destruction AllStars is finally out exclusively on PS5. The game is an intense vehicular combat game that challenges players to cause damage, destruction and devastation in vibrant arenas around the world. Check out the synopsis of the game below:

Dominate the glittering global phenomenon of Destruction AllStars — the spectacular prime-time sport for dangerous drivers!

Master the art of intense vehicle-based combat through timing, tactics and skills to cause colossal amounts of damage, destruction and devastation in vibrant arenas across the globe.

Pile-on the destruction from behind the wheel or leap into the arena with a breath-taking reel of parkour action by dodging attacks, taking over vehicles or using abilities to disrupt the onslaught of incoming vehicles.

Cause enough mayhem to power up your AllStars game-changing hero vehicle fuelled with special abilities.

A roster of 16 blockbuster Destruction AllStars are revved up and ready to compete in the name of entertainment and demolition. So, strap in for intense, explosive and unpredictable levels of free-flowing action and fight to be crowned the Global Destruction Federation Champion.

It’s time to run, ram and slam. See you in the arena.

Here are some of the key features found on Destruction AllStars:

  • Stunning PS5 Features: Play in 60fps 4K, stunning VFX, full controller remapping, and more features
  • Online Mayhem: Accelerate the drama and enter 16-player online matches with your friends. Jump into a Casual quick play session and experience new limited-time rule twists in Special Events
  • Live Service Game: Continually updated, Destruction AllStars is a live service game from SIE with regular season updates featuring everything from new game modes, new characters, skins, emotes and more
  • Included with PlayStation Plus: Players with an active PlayStation Plus subscription can download Destruction AllStars for no extra cost

Destruction AllStars tips and tricks

Destruction AllStars Poster

Before you start playing the game, let us offer some gameplay tips and tricks to help give yourself an edge in-game.

  1. Don’t forget your cars are expendable! If you feel the haptics rumbling whilst your car is bumbling along, it might be time to eject the car and ditch it for a new ride.
  2. You’re vulnerable when on-foot, but you can jump onto ledges to plan your next move.
  3. Don’t hold back your Hero Vehicle, call it in ASAP to take advantage!
  4. Use your “Breaker” (Hero Ability) whilst on foot to cause some havoc.
  5. Every “Breaker” (Hero Ability) gives you faster movement and double-jump, use your agility whilst on foot!
  6. Dodging cars using ‘Circle’ is much more rewarding than using jump, use it gain XP!

Destruction AllStars is available to PS Plus members at no extra charge from today until April 5th. The game can be redeemed from the PlayStation Store right here.

Pokdepinion: Destruction AllStars looks pretty fun and chaotic. Would love to give it a go once I get a PS5.

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