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Latest Marvel’s Avengers Patch Has Been Showing Player’s IP Address

Latest Marvel’s Avengers Patch Has Been Showing Player’s IP Address

by Raja IdrisJune 23, 2021
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Game patches doesn’t always bring good news. At least that was the case for Marvel’s Avengers as the update seemed to show a string of text in the game which includes revealing their IP address.

Marvel’s Avengers latest update reveals players’ IP address

The recent patch was meant to fix a number of bugs found in the game on PS5 but as you can see, it brought new ones to the game as well. In addition to displaying IP address, the bug also showed the player’s username as well as date and time.

[E3 2019] Marvel's Avengers Game Officially Revealed

Marvel’s Avengers official Twitter account has acknowledged the bug and has recommended that streamers to not stream for the meantime as it reveals private information. They’ve added that they are working on a solution and plan to release a new patch to solve the issue tomorrow, 24th of June 2021.

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Pokdepinion: Some might say that it’s not a big issue for casual gamers and more of a problem for streamers, I’d be annoyed by the fact that there’s text stuck at my screen while I’m playing a game. Maybe that’s just me… Other than that, it doesn’t seem like the game has had a good rep since it was launched so far..

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