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Intel 14th Gen “Raptor Lake Refresh” Processors Now Official

Intel 14th Gen “Raptor Lake Refresh” Processors Now Official

by Low Boon ShenOctober 16, 2023
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Intel 14th Gen “Raptor Lake Refresh” Processors Now Official

Intel 14th Gen "Raptor Lake Refresh" Processors Now Official

At last – the rumor season is finally over and Intel is officially introducing its newest desktop lineup under the 14th Gen moniker. In this launch we’ll see six models – including the Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700K and the Core i5-14600K, each with their respective graphics-less KF-series counterparts.

Given that this generation is very much a minor refresh, there’s not as many new features or improvements compared to the previous generations. That said, Intel has introduced a small +200MHz clockspeed bump across all models – and the Core i7-14700K in particular has gained 4 extra E-cores compared to its direct predecessor, the Core i7-13700K.

Aside from hardware changes, there’s new stuffs over at the software side. That includes the new “AI Assist”, which is baked into Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) for Core i9 CPUs. Another small addition comes courtesy of Intel Application Optimization (APO), which is based on the existing Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology – the company touts that this feature can provide performance boosts in games up to 16% in the same chip.

While no pricing for Malaysian market has been unveiled just yet, the US MSRP provided by Intel has pretty much stayed in line with 13th Gen’s launch prices. The Intel 14th Gen processors will be available starting tomorrow (Oct 17, 2023) in various retail outlets and OEM system providers.

Pokdepinion: A very small bump in performance all things considered – is it any good? Time will tell.

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