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90% Gamers Suffers From Body Aches According To Vono Malaysia

90% Gamers Suffers From Body Aches According To Vono Malaysia

by Raja IdrisDecember 21, 2021
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The folks at Vono Malaysia has conducted an online survey on gamers lifestyle and found out that 90% of them have body aches.

Vono Malaysia studies gamers

Vono Malaysia gamer study

In the survey, it seems that 88% of the participants sit for two hours or more, gaming every day. They’ve revealed that prolonged seated position can cause various health issues such as risks of having heart disease and high blood pressure.

90% respondents has said that they are suffering from body aches, where neck pain (70%) and back pain (60%) are the two top kind of aches followed by shoulder pain at 49%. Nearly 2 out 3 of them have at least two of these pains.

Another issue is insufficient sleep where 86% of the 43 gamers who gave feedback said they sleep for six hours or less per day. 26% of them have insomnia as well. Adding to that, 63% of them experience poor sleep qualities such as fidgeting, tossing and turning in bed.

Vono has recently released their new Vono SpinPro Plus series which is inspired by Japanese Seigaiha Design, featuring Anti-Static Knitted Fabric that specifically functions to discharge body static for a restful deep sleep. If you are interested in getting them, it starts from the price of RM2,518 with a promotion of 50% discount. Should you purchase them, each one will get you a free Vono Mattress Protector, Vono Pillow, and Limited-Edition Japanese Plate.

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Pokdepinion: I see that study, I have all of the bad stuff. Can’t say that I’m surprised though, sitting in front of the desk is my job after all. I definitely could use with some good old sleep.


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