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Get Unlimited Snapchat Access With New Limited Edition Xpax Prepaid Plan

Get Unlimited Snapchat Access With New Limited Edition Xpax Prepaid Plan

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieAugust 13, 2020
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Snap for FREE with Celcom Xpax

Celcom Xpax has partnered with social media giant Snap and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) in conjunction with International Youth Day. The intention is to provide Malaysian youth with greater access to the digital realm and to embrace fun digital lifestyles.

Beginning today, Calcom Xpax will offer FREE unlimited access to Snapchat for 3 months to all new and existing users. All users have to do is to simply go on to the Celcom Life App and redeem their free 3-month Snapchat access, which will end on September 16.  Furthermore, Celcom Xpax will soon be introducing specially designed Snapchat filters and AR Lens that users will be able to enjoy to celebrate the upcoming Merdeka and Malaysia Day festivities.

Celcom Xpax Snapchat

The world and potential of Augmented Reality became the key reason for this campaign. Snap is a leader in AR with over 170 million Snapchatters engaging with AR on the platform nearly 30 times every day. The company has also democratised the creation of AR experiences through the introduction of its powerful Lens Studio desktop app, which is free to download by anyone. Today there are tens of thousands of creators using and they have created over one million Lenses.

For more information about the Celcom Xpax’s unlimited access to Snapchat, head over to the official website right here.

Pokdepinion: This is a good move by Celcom. Even though Snapchat isn’t as popular as it was before, it still has a huge following and the Xpax users who use Snapchat will definitely be thrilled by this.

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