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OnePlus 12 Teaser Reveals Power-Packed Features Ahead of Launch

OnePlus 12 Teaser Reveals Power-Packed Features Ahead of Launch

by Aiman MaulanaDecember 5, 2023
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The much-anticipated OnePlus 12 is set to be unveiled very soon, and leaks and promotional images have already given enthusiasts a glimpse of what to expect. One standout feature is the camera design, reminiscent of its predecessor.

OnePlus 12 Teaser Reveals Battery and Charging Speed

OnePlus 12 Teaser Reveals Power-Packed Features Ahead of Launch

However, the real buzz surrounds the powerhouse within the OnePlus 12. Recent revelations indicate a remarkable 5,400 mAh battery capacity, making it the largest ever in a OnePlus smartphone. This promising upgrade is sure to cater to the growing demands of power-hungry applications and users.

What’s more, the OnePlus 12 will boast impressive charging capabilities. The device will support rapid 100W wired charging, ensuring a quick top-up when needed. Notably, the 50W wireless charging feature is making a comeback, addressing a missed feature from the OnePlus 11.

Excitement is further fueled by the potential announcement of another OnePlus device later this month. A mysterious model with the designation CPH2609 has gained certification from both the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and IMDA, Singapore’s media and communications regulator. Camera FV5 leaks suggest a formidable camera setup, featuring 50 MP + 50 MP + 8 MP lenses on the rear and a 16 MP selfie shooter.

OnePlus 12 Teaser Reveals Power-Packed Features Ahead of Launch

Rumors suggest this might be the OnePlus 12R, aligning with the trend of multiple variants. If true, it is expected to share the robust 100W wired charging support with its flagship counterpart.

As the OnePlus 12 makes its debut tomorrow, the only remaining mystery is the pricing details for the Chinese market. Global enthusiasts can mark their calendars for the international launch in India on January 23, where the full spectrum of OnePlus 12 features will be officially unveiled.


Pokdepinion: That’s one chonky battery, and I’m surprised wireless charging is coming back. Regardless, I hope the battery life will be on the more significant side as I don’t really care about having the best performance at this point in time since our current flagships are plenty strong as is.

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