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Apple iPadOS 16 Brings New Multitasking Capabilities

Apple iPadOS 16 Brings New Multitasking Capabilities

by Aiman MaulanaJune 8, 2022
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Apple iPadOS 16

Apple iPadOS 16 Brings New Multitasking Capabilities

Moving the focus into the iPads, Apple revealed what’s coming in the upcoming iPadOS 16 update, and it shares a lot of similarities with iOS 16. As such, we will focus more on iPad-specific features for this one.

In case you missed it, here’s what will be coming in iOS 16.

For the ones powered by the Apple M1 chip, iPadOS 16 will have a new Stage Manager, which automatically organizes apps and windows for a more seamless multitasking experience. You can also overlap windows with different sizes and have them displayed in a single view. For an easier time, you can simply drag and drop windows or open apps through the dock to create a group of apps for it.

Apple iPadOS 16 Brings New Multitasking Capabilities

The window that you are currently on will be prominently shown in the center while everything else will be on the left based on how recent it’s opened. In case you plan on connecting it to an external display, it will have full support with up to 6K resolution and have up to 8 apps displayed at once; four on each screen.

Apart from that, iPadOS 16 will come with a new, real-time Freeform collaboration app, which lets people see, share, and collaborate in a single place in a “flexible canvas” without worries on page sizes and layouts. It’s expected to launch sometime later in 2022, and you can start a session via FaceTime with real-time updates in Messages, complete with Apple Pencil support.

To improve the user experience on Mail, the app will let you cancel a message being sent out, schedule emails, improved search function by correcting typos and using synonyms, and notify you in case you might have forgotten an attachment or to fill in a recipient. Moreover, the app will be capable of reminding you about certain messages, and sent emails will be moved to the top of your inbox to help you prioritize better.

Apple iPadOS 16 Brings New Multitasking Capabilities

Further emphasizing on collaboration, Safari will be getting a new shared tab groups which will allow people to collaborate on a set of tabs with friends and see real-time updates. This includes sharing bookmarks, tabs, and starting a chat within Safari itself. The tab groups will have dedicated and customizable start pages, where you can put background pictures, bookmarks, and other unique sections for everyone to see and edit.

For added security with convenience, Safari will also add passkey support, digital keys stored on the iPad itself specifically created for the websites of your choosing, and it will be replace passwords for websites and apps by using a QR code, followed by either Face ID or Touch ID. The reason it’s not stored on the server is so it will be stored more securely.

In other, smaller updates, iPadOS16 will be getting the Weather app, the Home app comes with a new design with support for Matter,  Notes can straighten your handwriting, and personal notes can be locked behind your iCloud password. As for Siri, it has improved as it can run shortcuts from apps, insert emoji when sending messages, and process more requests locally while no internet connection is available.

Apple iPadOS 16 Brings New Multitasking Capabilities

Lastly, iPadOS 16 will have a Reference Mode designed for colour accuracy. It will allow the iPad Pro to “match the colour requirements in workflows like review and approve, colour grading, and compositing”. Display Zoom on the other hand will let you increase the pixel density of the display while Virtual Memory Swap uses the internal storage to boost the RAM up to 16GB.

The Apple iPadOS 16 developer preview will be available to all Developer Program members from now onwards, with a public beta coming sometime next month. It’s expected to be released publicly for all supported devices in Fall 2022 as a free upgrade for 5th Gen and new iPads, iPad Minis, 3rd gen and newer iPad Airs, and all iPad Pro models that have been launched.


Pokdepinion: Now the iPad, or at least the Pro models, really are starting to look like a proper laptop replacement. Perhaps it’s about time I invest in one for work given the size and convenience.

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