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Genshin Impact Player Charts Most Popular Characters Based on YouTube Views

Genshin Impact Player Charts Most Popular Characters Based on YouTube Views

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 9, 2023
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Curious about the most popular Genshin Impact characters? A fan-made chart based on YouTube views reveal the characters from each region.

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Genshin Impact, the popular action role-playing game, continues to expand its roster of playable characters with each update. The recent 3.5 update brought the new five-star character Dehya, who has already gained a considerable fan following. However, a recent chart created by a Genshin Impact player reveals some surprising statistics about the game’s most popular characters.

Reddit user PeachJellyPudding created a chart that shows the most popular characters in Genshin Impact based on the number of YouTube views on their demo videos. The chart categorizes the characters by region, with the most popular characters from each region being represented.

According to the chart, the most popular character in the game is the Geo Archon Zhongli, who was introduced in update 1.1 in 2020. Zhongli is the oldest out of the Seven Genshin Impact Archons, and he is known for his flexibility on the field. His ability to create the strongest shield in the game makes him a popular choice for many team compositions.

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The chart also reveals that the most popular Mondstadt character is the Cryo user Eula, who was introduced in version 1.6. Eula is a fan favorite and holds the record for the highest recorded damage number in the game. She deals Physical damage, which gives her more flexibility when choosing the right team composition.

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Interestingly, the most popular Inazuma character is the Anemo support Kaedehara Kazuha, not Raiden Shogun, as many players expected. Kazuha is one of the strongest supports in the game, and his popularity is supported by recent Spiral Abyss usage charts.

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The chart also shows that Tighnari is the most popular character in Sumeru, which is a surprise to many fans. Tighnari was part of the first Sumeru update, which introduced the new Dendro element. Since then, he has joined the less popular Standard Banner, and it is unlikely that he will be featured on another Limited Character Banner in the future.

Overall, the chart provides an interesting look at the most popular characters in Genshin Impact based on YouTube views. With the game continuing to grow and expand, it will be interesting to see how the popularity of each character evolves over time.


Pokdepinion: Just when I thought I knew the community well, it continues to surprise me. Sure, a good number of them are rather obvious but I’m quite surprised by some of them.

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