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AMD Ryzen 2000 series to be available this 19th April — 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen priced from RM899!

AMD Ryzen 2000 series to be available this 19th April — 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen priced from RM899!

by Vyncent ChanApril 14, 2018
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8-core and 6-core variants first

AMD’s first generation Ryzen processors definitely shook up the desktop and laptop CPU markets, offering powerful performance for less money. The 2nd generation AMD Ryzen processors are now here with more performance, with similarly disruptive pricing as its predecessors. All of them come with AMD Wraith coolers in the box too, saving you even more money.

Not a X470 board, but hey, the 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen CPUs work with X370 too

The 2nd generation AMD Ryzen CPUs are supported by the new AMD X470 chipset, but they do work with AMD 300-series chipsets too. However the newer chipset — and all AMD 400-series chipsets — comes with StoreMI. The technology uses your SSD as a cache to accelerate I/O to your slower hard disk drive, and even allows you to use 2GB of RAM as a last-level cache.

2nd Generation AMD Ryzen CPUs Specifications

Cores/ThreadsMax Boost/Base ClocksSmart Prefetch CacheTDPCooler
Ryzen 7 2700X8C/16T4.3 / 3.7 GHz20MB105WWraith Prism (LED)
Ryzen 7 27008C/16T4.1 / 3.2 GHz20MB65WWraith Spire (LED)
Ryzen 5 2600X6C/12T4.2 / 3.6 GHz19MB95WWraith Spire
Ryzen 5 26006C/12T3.9 / 3.4 GHz19MB65WWraith Stealth

The specifications have actually been detailed in a previous leak, with great accuracy. We see higher clocks across the board, which should narrow the gap between the 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen CPUs  and its Intel counterparts. TDP has remained largely the same, with the exception of the Ryzen 7 2700X which is set to consume an additional 10W versus its predecessor. Do note that the Smart Prefetch Cache consists of L2 + L3 cache. All models feature 16MB L3 cache, with the Ryzen 7 2000 models packing 4MB L2 cache and the Ryzen 5 2000 CPUs having 3MB L2 cache.

2nd Generation AMD Ryzen Pricing and Availability

The new AMD CPUs will be available in Malaysia starting 19th April, but they are up for pre-orders now. Pricing wise, they are a fair bit cheaper than the first generation AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Ryzen 7 2700XRM1559$329
Ryzen 7 2700RM1429$299
Ryzen 5 2600XRM1059$229
Ryzen 5 2600RM899$199

We are a bit on the short end of the stick when it comes to pricing, as the guys over in the US are paying significantly less than what we have to. Still, they offer more cores than Intel for the same price, so they are still a great option. Not to mention they work with last generation’s motherboards so upgrading isn’t too costly, unlike Intel’s processors.

Will you be getting your 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen processor? Let us know in the comments section!

Pokdepinion: Seems like a great option for enthusiasts who need more cores for their applications. The Ryzen 7 2700 especially appeals to me as a great option for affordable 8C/16T rigs.

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