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AMD Zen pricing leaked — Zen SR7 16-threaded CPU might cost just RM1800!

AMD Zen pricing leaked — Zen SR7 16-threaded CPU might cost just RM1800!

by Vyncent ChanNovember 26, 2016
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If you are following the Zen hype, you might already know the AMD Zen was compared clock-for-clock against an Intel Core i7 6900K, and actually came out on top. Now, with this little bit of news, the AMD Zen will not only match Intel’s CPUs for performance, but also undercut them by a large margin in terms of pricing.


AMD Zen “Summit Ridge” will be available in quad, hexa and octa-core configurations, with all of them based on the 14nm manufacturing process at GloFo/Samsung, and will not sport an integrated graphics chip. AMD is also expected to enable overclocking for all the Summit Ridge parts, which would make them even more interesting, especially that 1300 RMB (~RM840.28) Zen SR3 CPU which features four cores and eight threads. Comparing that against Intel’s offering, that will place it squarely in the low end Core i3 territory, which only pack two cores and four threads. Things could get interesting since an i3 7350K was spotted in the wild recently, promising overclocking capabilities for its two cores. And there is the higher end Zen SR7 which is claimed to sport a Cinebench R15 score of around 1300, which places it squarely against Intel’s Broadwell-E Core i7 6850K, which is a full 2099 yuan (~RM1356.73) pricier according to this leak!

While we wait for more details of the AMD Zen Summit Ridge, check out details of the 7th generation AMD APUs with support for DDR4 memory that are already on the market right now!


Pokdepinion: We would still advise everyone to take this bit of leak with a pinch of salt. We all want to see the underdog win, but let’s not all hope for too much right now, until we see the actual products. Let’s all hope for a big comeback from the red camp!

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