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Sony Electronics Unveils BRAVIA XR TV 2022 Series

Sony Electronics Unveils BRAVIA XR TV 2022 Series

by Charlotte WuJune 24, 2022
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Sony Electronics unveiled the new BRAVIA XR television series recently, which includes the X95K 4K Mini LED models, MASTER Series A80K 4K OLED models, and X90K 4K LED model.

BRAVIA XR 2022 Series

Sony Electronics Unveils BRAVIA XR TV 2022 Series

The Bravia XR 2022 series pushes visual and sound to new heights with Cognitive Processor XR. For a lifelike experience, Sony’s innovative processor on BRAVIA XR TVs replicates content the way humans see and hear it. The images are cross-analyzed and improved, particularly around the focal point, to provide real-life depth, contrast, and vibrant colours.

Furthermore, the XR Backlight Master Drive, powered by Cognitive Processor XR, utilizes a Sony-developed local dimming algorithm to control thousands of tiny, ultra-dense Mini LEDs with absolute precision and independence, delivering exceptional brightness, impressive dynamic range, deep blacks, and natural colours.

Not only that the TVs feature Acoustic Surface Audio+ / Acoustic Multi-Audio and 360 Spatial Sound Personaliser offer an immersive and optimized spatial sound experience with minimal configuration. BRAVIA CAM also has gesture controls, video chat, and plenty of other exciting new features. Users can enjoy the TVs by connecting their device to the BRAVIA CAM and it can detect where the users are in the room and how distant they are from the TV, then changes sound and picture settings accordingly.

The BRAVIA XR TVs do not only feature Google TV but also a similar app called the BRAVIA CORE app that comes with a pre-movie subscription that allows for the redemption of up to 5 latest release or catalogue feature films, as well as up to 24 months of unlimited streaming of dozens of other movies. Thanks to the BRAVIA XR technology, Pure Stream, and IMAX Enhanced, you can enjoy the movie’s outstanding graphics and dynamic sound quality.

X95K 4K Mini LED TV and X90K 4K LED TV

Sony Electronics Unveils BRAVIA XR TV 2022 Series

The Sony X95K 4K Mini LED and the X90K 4K LED TV feature Cognitive Processor XR that analyzes how humans perceive and hear, resulting in a game-changing experience that thoroughly immerses viewers in their favourite entertainment.

The TVs feature not only the BRAVIA CORE Calibrated mode but also the XR Backlight Master Drive, XR Triluminos Pro, and XR Contrast Booster to manage the latest Mini LED backlight for outstanding contrast of high brightness and deep blacks, the X-Anti Reflection to reduce reflection for an uninterrupted viewing experience and the X-Wide Angle technology to deliver vibrant real-world colours from any angle while keeping more colour and brightness.

Acoustic Multi-Audio and the Acoustic Center Sync utilize sound placement tweeters to guarantee high-frequency sounds arrive from the correct location in the scene and improve the audio experience by optimizing sound output from the TV and soundbar.

The X95K 4K Mini LED and the X90K 4K LED TVs are compatible with BRAVIA CAM accessory, Hands-free voice capabilities, and Ambient Optimisation as well as Google TV for limitless entertainment. The Simple Remote has an easy-to-use design that is also easy to clean where all buttons are treated with an antimicrobial coating.

The X95K 85” 4K Mini LED TV is currently available in Malaysia at a starting price of RM28,999.

The X90K, on the other hand, has four variants whereby the 85″ variant is priced at RM19,999, the 75″ at RM11,999, the 65″ at RM7,899, and the 55″ at RM5,899.

For more information about the X95K and the X90K TV, feel free to visit their official websites by clicking the link here and here.


Sony Electronics Unveils BRAVIA XR TV 2022 Series

The Sony A80K OLED TV has similar features as the X95K 4K Mini LED and the X90K 4K LED TV. However, the TV has a three-way stand that offers three stand positions; narrow for a reduced footprint, hero for eliminating distractions, and soundbar for elevating the TV and integrating a soundbar system.

The A80K comes with three variants whereby the 77″ variant is priced at RM24,999, the 65″ at RM13,899, and the 55″ at RM9,599.

For further information about the A80K OLED TV, feel free to visit Sony’s official website.

Pokdepinion: With so many features and a price like that, I really do hope the TV would last me at least 10 years with no issues.

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