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Clean Your Phone’s Display With Google Files App

Clean Your Phone’s Display With Google Files App

by Raja IdrisApril 1, 2019
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The folks at Google has today introduce a new feature in their Google Files app, which offers a service like no other; cleaning the surface on your display.

The app itself is a pretty good way for you to clear unnecessary things that stack up over a period of time. Taking things to a whole new level, the app can now clean your smartphone’s screen like it was brand new.

They’ve said that it uses geometric dirt models and haptic micromovement generator (fancy words huh?) to remove impurities from your screen. There’s also the dirt shield that’s deployed once it is cleansed. After everything is settled, the app will then make your phone smell like a fresh pineapple smell.

It’s interesting how Google decided to introduce the new feature today. What day is it? Well you probably know.

Pokdepinion: Jokes aside, this would be one of the best innovations in modern times, if it was real of course..

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