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Check out Google Maps’ April Fool’s Easter egg!

Check out Google Maps’ April Fool’s Easter egg!

by Vyncent ChanApril 1, 2019
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Is it Easter or is it April Fool’s Day? Whatever it is, if you want to play Snake in Google Maps, you can now. But instead of a snake eating fruits, you will be a train running into people… to pick them up. I don’t think Google knows that people don’t exactly stand in front of trains to get on them…

Check out Google Maps' April Fool's Easter egg! 31

Quite a complete game for an April Fool’s joke…

Whatever it is, if you are up for some arcade fun, you can choose from Cairo, Sao Paolo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo or the World, each with their signature train and separate map. Don’t have a phone with Google Maps? You can even play on a dedicated website that Google set up for its Google Maps April Fool’s gag.

The game will reportedly be playable for around a week, with it expected to disappear after that. Will it be gone #TooSoon?

Pokdepinion: Time to rack up them high scores!

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