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Fast charging is old, enter fast wireless charging.

Fast charging is old, enter fast wireless charging.

by Vyncent ChanJune 25, 2015
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The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the group behind the Qi wireless charging standard, has announced a new version of the specification that promises faster and more powerful charging in future Qi-compatible devices.

The main new addition to this specification is the ability to deliver 15 watts of power through a Qi charger’s inductive coils. The WPC claim this will increase the rate at which devices can be charged wirelessly, and while they aren’t talking specifics about charging time, the group do compare this new standard to fast wired charging that provides 60 percent charge in 30 minutes.

Like with most updated specifications of this kind, it’s not forwards compatible, meaning you won’t be able to quickly charge your existing Qi-compatible devices by purchasing a new fast charging mat. However, it’s expected that a range of upcoming smartphones, charging mats and other devices will integrate the faster Qi standard soon, and all will be backwards compatible with older Qi products.

Unfortunately, the WPC isn’t talking specifics about when we’ll see new devices hit the market with support for fast Qi wireless charging. This sort of technology was first shown off by Freescale Semiconductor late last year, so hopefully devices integrating this new Qi tech will hit the market towards the end of 2015. Qi charging is but one of the few wireless charging standards, but by far the most popular with 205 members on board.


SOURCE: Techspot 


Pokdepinion: I am not a huge fan of wireless charging as I still fail to see how much harder it is to connect a MicroUSB cable to your phone compared to putting it on a charging plate. And since I usually need to use my phone even when it’s charging, that would mean intermittent charging for my phone. Coupled with the slower speeds, I just can’t find a solid reason to use it. Maybe with the increased speeds in future device, I may be swayed. That is also if a wireless charger is bundled for free. If not, I would just be old fashioned and plug my phone in to charge.

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