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Here’s How to Get One Year Nintendo Switch Online for Free

Here’s How to Get One Year Nintendo Switch Online for Free

by Aiman MaulanaApril 1, 2019
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Here’s How to Get One Year Nintendo Switch Online for Free

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If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner and you’ve clicked here, then chances are that you’ve been considering to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online but have not gotten around to it yet. Whether that’s price or uncertainty on whether you’ll truly benefit from it, there could be a good number of reasons why you haven’t done so yet. Now, there’s a way subscribe for free, up to one year.

Twitch has partnered up with Nintendo to give away up to a year of free access to Nintendo Switch Online. Twitch Prime members can claim three months of Nintendo Switch Online via the Twitch Prime website straight away. However, you will need to then wait for 60 days after your initial claim to manually grab the remaining nine months of service. This seems to be more of a safeguard so people don’t just sign up for the trial, grab the free offer, and then leave Twitch / Amazon to eat their dust.

You have plenty of time to make use of this offer as you’ll have until 24th September 2019 to claim the three free months of Nintendo Switch Online and until 22nd January 2020 to claim the nine additional months. At the moment, a year’s worth of subscription costs USD $19.99.

To find out more information about what’s included and if existing Nintendo Switch Online members are eligible, click right here.

Pokdepinion: Well, if you’re already an active Twitch Prime user, might as well take advantage of this deal.

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