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Leaked hands-on images of the Samsung Galaxy S20+’s reveals a big camera bump

Leaked hands-on images of the Samsung Galaxy S20+’s reveals a big camera bump

by Vyncent ChanJanuary 13, 2020
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The Samsung Galaxy S20 series isn’t due for release until next month but someone was too excited to share his/her hands on of the upcoming Samsung flagship. With three members of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series expected, the Galaxy S20+ is slated to be the middle child of the family.

These images of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G were sent to XDA-Developers by an anonymous source. Interestingly, there will be some big changes coming from the Galaxy S10 series. And I am not just talking about the naming scheme.

For starters, it seems like instead of using a more curved display like what vivo and HUAWEI, Samsung will apparently be using a less curved display for the Samsung Galaxy S20+. On the plus side, it means that there’s more actual viewing area in front. The centered punch hole appears to be smaller than it was on the Galaxy Note10 series, but yeah, the offset punch hole is no more.

samsung galaxy s20+ camera bump

Over on the back is a huge camera hump that takes up more than 1/3 the width of the entire phone. There appears to be four lenses positioned in there. Leaks have pointed to a new 12MP 1.8μm sensor for the main camera in the Galaxy S20+, with the 108MP cameras reserved for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. but it will be interesting to see what Samsung actually announces in February.

What feature would you most want to see in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20+, leaked or otherwise?

Pokdepinion: Why must the punch hole be in the center? It’s very unappealing.

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