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mySamsung is no more — it is now Samsung Members

mySamsung is no more — it is now Samsung Members

by Vyncent ChanMarch 1, 2018
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Don’t worry, all the services you have enjoyed via mySamsung is still available. It is just that the app has been renamed Samsung Members now. In case you have never made use of your mySamsung app before this, keep reading.

mySamsung is no more — it is now Samsung Members 24

mySamsung offered a FAQ section to help you with any issues. You can even live chat to solve your questions or report bugs on your Samsung devices. You can also communicate with other Samsung users via the community feature in the app. Besides that, you can register your Samsung device via the app for tips and faster technical support. Basic diagnostics are available in the app for quick verification of system status. The best part? Exclusive rewards for Samsung users are available in the app.

Well, none of that is gone. Samsung has just renamed the service to Samsung Members, and you can download the app from the Play Store here.

Pokdepinion: As a Malaysian, I really fancy anything with “MY” as a suffix or prefix. Well, Samsung Members does seem to explain the point of the app more directly though.

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