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[Predator League 2019] Day 2 of Dota2 Commences – Malaysian Team Out of Finals

[Predator League 2019] Day 2 of Dota2 Commences – Malaysian Team Out of Finals

by Super DaddyFebruary 17, 2019
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If you missed out yesterday’s tournament coverage, be sure to check that here to get a better grasp of today’s scoring. A total of 5 challenges were hosted today with one from winning team and four from the losers pool in the pursuit of identifying who will be the final two teams that will get to play in the finals tomorrow.

[Predator League 2019] Day 2 of Dota2 Commences - Malaysian Team Out of Finals 18

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Winner’s Semi-finals

Geek Fam vs TNCPredator

The first round brought back Geek Fam that had been standing strong since the start, going head to head with TnC Predator team. However, this time around, after 3 matches, Geek Fam lost 0 – 2 to TNC Predator, putting them into the losers pool’s semi-final round.

Loser’s Semi-finals

PnX|Indomitus vs Lotac

The first round in the losers pool was PnX|Indomitus against Lotac in which Lotac reigned supreme by winning the round 2 – 0. This puts Lotac ahead in the next round against Alpha Red.


The second game in the losers pool was between X and BOOM ID that lost against Alpha Red yesterday. BOOM ID won the round with domination of 2 – 0 putting them ahead with yG for the next round.

Alpha Red vs Lotac

The next game was between the standing champions in the loser’s pool, Lotac against Alpha Red that lost to Geek Fam yesterday. Once again, Lotac won this round with total domination 2 – 0 putting them ahead into the next round, giving Lotac yet another chance to reap the championship.


With the earlier winning today, BOOM ID got another chance to prove themselves yet again by going against yG that lost to TnC Predator yesterday. This time around, BOOM ID won the round and would be going against Lotac in the next round to identify who would be going against Geek Fam in the semi-finals. Lotac had a tough luck in this round and BOOM ID was put against Geek Fam instead.

BOOM ID vs Geek Fam

The most anticipated and thrilling game finally began, Geek Fam went against BOOM ID in pursuit of claiming the spot in finals. However, Geek Fam lost and BOOM ID dominated two games with 2 – 0 score, putting them into the finals against TnC Predator. This is the final chance for BOOM ID to reclaim their name and see if they have what it takes to win the league.

Pokdepinion: I was really hoping to see Geek Fam and Lotac making it into the finals, one from the winning pool and one from the loser’s pool, but that did not happen. :( Oh well, they will get their chance again next year I suppose, but until then, good luck to BOOM ID and TnC Predator in the finals.

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