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PS Plus April 2019 Free Games Lineup for US and EU Regions

PS Plus April 2019 Free Games Lineup for US and EU Regions

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 29, 2019
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PS Plus April 2019 Free Games Lineup for US and EU Regions

If you’re a PS Plus member then chances that this is the time that you look forward to every month. The time to know what free games will be coming your way. Well, let’s not delay this any further and get right down to all the juicy details you need.

This is the PS Plus free games lineup for the US and EU regions.

First up in the llineup, we have Conan Exiles, a survival multiplayer game based on the relatively popular character Conan the Barbarian. Players are forced to do whatever they can to survive, including but not limited to hunting for food, building shelter, fending off intense weather conditions, and more, all within a vast and expansive open world.

The other big highlight for PS Plus April 2019 is The Surge, a 3rd-person, sci-fi RPG. In the game, players utilize an upgradable exoskeleton to take down a variety of different enemies. During your time in the world, you’ll be able to craft and equip new weapons to help you on your way. Right now, it’s not exactly clear if the version that’ll be free is the standard edition, or the augmented edition, however, chances are it’s just the former.

Of course, last month Sony stopped including PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles in their PS Plus free games lineup and this month, of course, continues that promise, so these two games are all you’re getting.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and The Witness, last month’s free games, is still available at the time of this writing. The new lineup will be officially available on 2nd April 2019.

Pokdepinion: Not gonna lie, these games are pretty good. Of course, it’s only worth it if you don’t have the game already.

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