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NVIDIA Cuts Down On RTX 3050’s VRAM, From 8GB To 6GB

NVIDIA Cuts Down On RTX 3050’s VRAM, From 8GB To 6GB

by Low Boon ShenDecember 8, 2023
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NVIDIA Cuts Down On RTX 3050’s VRAM, From 8GB To 6GB

NVIDIA Cuts Down On RTX 3050's VRAM, From 8GB To 6GB

As reported by Videocardz (via Board Channels), NVIDIA is introducing a new variant of RTX 3050 to replace the current RTX 3050 models. The difference? You get 2GB less VRAM – the outlet alleges that NVIDIA believed its RTX 4060’s sales were impacted by the existence of RTX 3050 8GB, hence it decided to discontinue the 8GB model to make way for the “nerfed” 6GB model, effectively creating artificial value.

Here’s what was said in the forum post:

NV (NVIDIA) is planning the latest product adjustment for the RTX3050 series. The AIC brand manufacturers have been informed that there will be a significant adjustment to the RTX3050 series products. Specifically, NV will discontinue the production of the RTX3050 8G version and directly switch to selling the RTX3050 6G version to meet market demands.

According to information from AIC brand manufacturers, the RTX3050 8G version will be phased out as inventory is depleted, and the RTX3050 6G version is expected to be available for purchase and potentially on the market by January.

The change in VRAM capacity meant the memory bandwidth would be impacted as well, and since this is a 6GB unit, you can expect either a 192-bit or 96-bit memory bus. We’re more inclined to lean on the latter, given that Team Green already doesn’t want to cannibalize sales of its more recent offerings.

This is also set to be yet another variant spawned after the GA107 version, which features a lower power draw (115W); and there have been rumors alleging that an even smaller version with a paltry 4GB VRAM is on the cards as well.

Pokdepinion: I’m not a fan of this move…

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