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GXBank Teases “Limitless Cashback” with Upcoming GX Debit Card

GXBank Teases “Limitless Cashback” with Upcoming GX Debit Card

by Aiman MaulanaNovember 28, 2023
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Grab’s digital bank, GXBank, is gearing up to introduce its GX Debit Card, a potential game-changer in the cashback card arena. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement, the card has its own page on the GXBank website, revealing some exciting features.

GXBank Limitless Cashback Debit Card?

GXBank Teases "Limitless Cashback" with Upcoming GX Debit Card

GXBank proudly claims that its GX Debit Card is “the only cashback card with no limits.” Users are promised a 1% cashback on every transaction, with minimal exceptions mentioned. While specific business transactions may not qualify, the terms and conditions provided don’t seem to list these exceptions clearly.

Apart from the enticing cashback offer, GXBank assures users of “no markups on exchange rates” and “no hidden fees on overseas transactions.” However, this perk is set to expire on December 31, 2024, after which a 1.2% foreign transaction fee will be implemented. The product disclosure sheet mentions that the date is subject to change without notice.

Obtaining the GX Debit Card could be a challenge, considering their limited accessibility, capped at 20,000 users nationwide. Interested users need to secure access to GXBank first, and if selected, they can acquire the physical card for a nominal fee of RM12. It’s worth noting that there’s no mention of compatibility with popular digital payment platforms like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. Stay tuned for updates on the official launch and further details on this promising cashback card.


Pokdepinion: Before you get it for yourself, remember to read all the terms and conditions so you know for sure what you’re getting into. 

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