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Windows 11’s Notepad Will Finally Get The Spellchecking Feature

Windows 11’s Notepad Will Finally Get The Spellchecking Feature

by Low Boon ShenMarch 25, 2024
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Windows 11’s Notepad Will Finally Get The Spellchecking Feature

One of the most basic programs in the Windows toolbox is the venerable Notepad – it’s a basic text editor that you can use to write stuff, but these days it’s more designed for modifying configuration files since the modern-day Sticky Notes (which will get a revamp soon) largely supersede the note-taking purpose.

Notepad Will Finally Get The Spellchecking Feature

Still, that doesn’t mean Microsoft stopped giving this program some love as it introduced a new feature for version 11.2402.18.0: spell-checking. The feature is currently rolling to Windows 11 Insiders, and it basically functions like what it says on the tin – misspelled texts get highlighted in red underlines as you see in basically every text editor out there. If you’re sure the flagged word is correct, you can tell Notepad to ignore it or add it to the dictionary.

Aside from that, Microsoft is also enabling autocorrect, which will fix errors on the fly as you type. Now, before you worry about autocorrect potentially messing with critical files that make games and apps function correctly: the company has clarified that the feature is turned off by default in log files and other file types that involve coding (such as .cfg, .xml, .json, .lua, .log, to name a few examples). Non-critical file types like .txt will instead have this feature turned on by default.

Microsoft hasn’t stated when this feature will begin public rollout, but it’ll likely take a while as the feature is currently tested on Canary and Dev channels, which are among the earliest phases of the testing process for Windows features.

Pokdepinion: Funnily enough, I never noticed Notepad lacked spellchecking in the first place.

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