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Twitter Blue Introduces Labs For Early Access To New Features

Twitter Blue Introduces Labs For Early Access To New Features

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieOctober 29, 2021
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Twitter’s has just announced that they are adding a new feature called Labs to their Twitter Blue service. The new feature will let users who are subscribed to the Twitter Blue service access to new features on the social media platform before anyone else.

What can be accessed through Twitter Blue’s new Labs feature?

Twitter Blue Introduces Labs For Early Access To New Features 23

Source: Twitter

Announced via their Twitter account, among the new features that Twitter Blue subscribers will have access to under Labs include:

  • Pin conversation on iOS: Users can now pin important conversations over to the top of their DMs. This feature is currently limited to iOS devices only.
  • Longer video upload through desktop: Through this feature, users can now upload videos that goes beyond the current 140-second limit, up to 10 minutes long. This new feature is currently only available through desktop.

Labs will only be available for Twitter users in Canada and Australia for the time being, which makes sense considering that the social media platform’s Blue service is only available in those two countries. Twitter also says that the two new features may be released for non-Blue subscribers as well though that depends on the overall user reception towards the two new features.

For more information on Twitter Blue, head over here.

Pokdepinion: Pretty interesting features I would say though as a person who isn’t a heavy user of Twitter or most other social media platforms out there, I definitely won’t subscribe to the Twitter Blue service as I am quite satisfied with the features available now. That being said, having the option to undo a tweet is pretty useful though.

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