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Touch n’ Go Launches QR Code Scanning for Parking in Mobile E-Wallet

Touch n’ Go Launches QR Code Scanning for Parking in Mobile E-Wallet

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 14, 2023
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Touch n’ Go (TnG) introduces a new feature that enables drivers to pay for parking through QR code scanning in their mobile eWallet, providing a seamless, cashless experience.

Touch n’ Go Introduces QR Code Scanning for Parking in Mobile E-Wallet

Touch n’ Go (TnG) has launched a new feature for its mobile eWallet that provides an alternative method for paying for parking. With this new feature, customers can simply scan a QR code in their TnG eWallet to enter and exit a parking lot without having to queue for a physical ticket or use a physical TnG card. The new feature is aimed at offering a seamless and cashless experience while eliminating surcharges.

According to TnG, to use this feature, customers can just tap on the “Pay” function in the eWallet app, which will then be scanned at entry and exit points of supported parking lots. Users do not need to maintain a minimum balance to use this feature but won’t be able to exit if their balance is insufficient. Moreover, customers do not need an internet connection to generate the QR code, which is a plus for users in underground locations.

Touch n’ Go Launches QR Code Scanning for Parking in Mobile E-Wallet

If customers encounter any issues like their phone running out of battery before exiting, they can approach the mall’s carpark management and provide their TnG eWallet account’s phone number to receive a parking ticket for manual payment. As of writing, the FAQ on TnG’s website states that the QR code scanning for parking is already enabled at 70 sites, including some malls, hotels, and LRT stations.

TnG’s new feature for parking payment is an effort to provide customers with more convenience and cashless payment options. The eWallet is now becoming a one-stop-shop for everyday payments, including public transportation, tolls, and now, parking. This latest feature follows the recent launch of TapSecure, a device-based authentication feature that replaces SMS-based OTP, further strengthening the platform’s security.


Pokdepinion: It’s good to have but sometimes it makes me wonder why this wasn’t included from very early on. One would think this would be a logical move from the start but I guess it wasn’t particularly easy to implement. Better late than never, I suppose.

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