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Microsoft Edge Reveals Kids Mode In Offering A Safer Environment

Microsoft Edge Reveals Kids Mode In Offering A Safer Environment

by Raja IdrisApril 16, 2021
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Have a kid that likes to use your laptop or PC? Well you might want to check out the new Kids Mode feature that’s recently introduced by Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge Kids Mode

As you can probably guess, the new Kids Mode aims to provide a safer browsing experience to children, giving parents a peace of mind. The mode can be enabled by heading to your Edge profile option.

Microsoft Edge Kids Mode

Once enabled, children who are using the browser will only have access to approved sites. Aside from that, it filters out adult text, images, as well as videos from searches. Currently, they have provided 70 kid-friendly websites on the list. Should you want to add more to it, you will have to individually add them yourself on Microsoft Edge.

If the Kids Mode is turned on and you want to switch back to your normal browsing, you will need to key in your Windows credentials to exit (the mode).

There’s two options in the mode, where it lets you select 5 to 8 years old or 9 to 12 years old option. If you’re wondering on the difference between the two, the latter features a news feed on the new tab page in Kids Mode, providing curated articles from MSN for Kids. They show simple things such as science, fun facts, and animals.

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Pokdepinion: I think we all know that you can never be too cautious when you’re browsing the web. It’s pretty neat that they’ve introduced this to provide a safer environment for young ones out there. 

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