ASUS ROG PHONE 5 Review – Taming the Snapdragon 888

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The ASUS ROG Phone series has been a rather prolific one. Starting with the ASUS ROG Phone, the series pretty much redefined the whole gaming smartphone scene by packing AirTriggers to provide a massive advantage in mobile FPS titles. Further refinements improved the ROG Phone lineup as the years went by, and now we are looking at the fourth generation ROG Phone, the ROG Phone 5. Does it have what it takes to not only live up to its predecessors, but also succeed in where they didn’t? Well, we will see.

00:00-00:38 Opening
00:39-03:47 Unboxing… Again
03:48-06:00 Overview
06:01-10:04 Specification
10:05-13:52 Benchmark + Temperature
13:53-15:53 Gaming + Trigger
15:54-17:22 Armoury Crate
17:23-19:08 RGB
19:09-20:42 Visual + Audio
20:43-21:49 Camera
21:50-23:48 Conclusion

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