Intel Core i9-11950H Tiger Lake-H appears on Geekbench

Vyncent Chan
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The 45W 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake processors are starting to pop up on Geekbench now, as we get closer to their launch. The latest one is the Intel Core i9-11950H, which will reportedly slot in between the Intel Core i9-11980HK and the Core i9-11900H.

The Core i9-11980HK is going to be an unlocked processor which will see it appear in bespoke flagship gaming laptops. The Intel Core i9-11950H will reportedly not have an unlocked multiplier, but it will share the same base clock of 2.6GHz as the Core i9-11980HK.

Intel Core i9-11950H HP ZBook Studio Geekbench 2

For now, it has appeared in the HP ZBook Studio 15.6″ G8 Mobile Workstation PC, and might allegedly be exclusive to HP. It might be interesting to see Intel offer HP an exclusive processor, considering that the honor is usually reserved for Apple, which recently has transitioned to using their in-house Apple Silicon instead.

11th Gen Intel Core Tiger Lake 8C coming soon

Intel may have released the performance-oriented 11th Gen Tiger Lake H35 lineup, but it definitely isn’t a replacement for the full-fledged 45W Comet Lake mobile processors of yesteryear. That will have to be the Tiger Lake-H series that are expected to arrive by 11th May, with laptop makers already announcing their launch events for laptops that will presumably feature the new processor family.

Huge upgrade over 10th Gen Comet Lake?

Intel Core i9-11950H vs Core i9-11980HK

Compared to the previous generation, it appears that the Core i9-11950H will offer a nice performance uplift over the previous generation Comet Lake-based processors. However the Tiger Lake-H processor here is apparently not running at its fullest performance yet, so we might see an even larger gap here when the Tiger Lake-H processors finally arrive on the market.


Pokdepinion: I wonder whether Intel will begin quietly phasing out the H35 processors in favor of the H45 ones…

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