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realme XT vs Samsung Galaxy A70 — by the numbers

realme XT vs Samsung Galaxy A70 — by the numbers

by Vyncent ChanNovember 4, 2019
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In our review of the realme XT, we mentioned that realme Malaysia is entering an all-new price bracket with their latest offering. While previous realme devices competed in the mid-range segment, the realme XT takes it up a notch. With that said, the realme XT is still great value, with it comparing favorably against devices like the much more expensive Galaxy A70.


qualcomm snapdragon 712

The realme XT sports a Snapdragon 712 which is more advanced than the Galaxy A70’s Snapdragon 675. In addition to the beefier chipset, the realme XT also touts a multi-layer cooling system that includes thermal gel, aluminium and layers of graphite sheets to lower temperatures by up to 14%. Lower temperatures lead to a more comfortable gaming experience as well as better sustained performance without thermal issues.


realme xt colors

A svelte 6.4″ device with a 91.9% screen-to-body ratio up front and beautiful curved glass at the back, the realme XT is quite a head turner. realme also splurged on Gorilla Glass 5 for both the front and back panels for the stronger drop resistance that it offers.

galaxy a70 design

Meanwhile, the Galaxy A70 serves up a larger 6.7″ display, but cheaps out with a glasstic (read: plastic) back. The glass panel covering the screen of the Galaxy A70 is also just Gorilla Glass 3 which is not nearly as resilient as the Gorilla Glass 5 on the realme XT.


realme xt white camera

You get a 64MP camera with the realme XT, double the resolution of the Galaxy A70’s 32MP primary camera. Needless to say, you will be capturing a lot more detail with the realme XT.

samsung galaxy a70 camera

That’s even before we consider that the realme XT’s quad camera setup to the Galaxy A70’s triple camera setup. Aaaand that’s before we even look at the software aspect, where the realme XT pulls even further ahead with Nightscape and Chroma Boost. The realme XT just stomps all over the Galaxy A70 in this area. Here are some image samples taken with the realme XT:


realme XT box

Priced at RM1399, the realme XT is substantially more affordable than the Galaxy A70, which is priced at RM1799. Needless to say, the realme XT is the better buy. You get a better chipset, better rear cameras, and a prettier yet more durable design. A no-brainer there, really.

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