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Android 14 Beta 3 Unveils Stylus-Specific Settings: Is Google Planning a Stylus for Pixel Tablet?

Android 14 Beta 3 Unveils Stylus-Specific Settings: Is Google Planning a Stylus for Pixel Tablet?

by Aiman MaulanaJune 14, 2023
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Exciting news for Android enthusiasts! Android 14 Beta 3 has been released, and it has caught the attention of code tinkerers who have discovered intriguing features within the software. Of particular interest are the stylus-specific settings, which have sparked speculation about Google’s plans for a stylus-enabled device, possibly the Pixel Tablet or even the long-awaited Pixel Fold.

Android 14 Beta 3 Unveils Stylus-Specific Settings

Android 14 Beta 3 Unveils Stylus-Specific Settings: Is Google Planning a Stylus for Pixel Tablet?

Picture credits: Twitter @MishaalRahman

Delving into the code of Android 14 Beta 3, developers have uncovered references to stylus-related settings that offer a glimpse into Google’s potential future developments. Notably, the software is programmed to recognize and assign different functions to various buttons on a stylus. The code includes lines for the primary button (closest to the tip), secondary button, tertiary button, and the tail button (located near or at the top). Users will also have the option to configure the software to ignore stylus button presses.

One standout feature found in Android 14 Beta 3 is the ability to launch the default note-taking app with the tail button on the stylus. Furthermore, users will have the freedom to designate their preferred default app for this purpose. These expanded functionalities offer tantalizing hints at Google’s potential plans for a stylus-enabled device, potentially filling the void left by the initial release of the Pixel Tablet, which did not include a stylus. It is worth noting, however, that the Pixel Tablet supports the USI 2.0 (Universal Stylus Initiative) type stylus, leaving room for optimism.

As Android 14 Beta 3 reveals these stylus-centric features, speculation arises regarding Google’s broader strategy for its Pixel lineup. With the Pixel Tablet lacking a bundled stylus upon its launch, the discovery of stylus-specific settings within the Android software raises hopes that Google is actively working on a stylus companion for its tablet or other upcoming devices. This development may also ignite excitement among fans eagerly awaiting the rumored Pixel Fold, which could potentially offer a seamless stylus experience.

Android 14 Beta 3 has set the stage for intriguing possibilities within the world of stylus-enabled devices. The presence of stylus-specific settings and functions within the software hints at Google’s commitment to enhancing the user experience and expanding its product offerings. While the Pixel Tablet’s initial release did not include a stylus, the USI 2.0 compatibility opened doors for future stylus integration. With the advent of Android 14 and its stylus-focused features, hopes are high that Google is actively developing a stylus companion for its devices, such as the Pixel Tablet or even the highly anticipated Pixel Fold.


Pokdepinion: As the Android 14 beta program progresses, more insights and revelations may emerge, further fueling excitement and speculation surrounding Google’s hardware roadmap. Stylus enthusiasts and Pixel fans alike eagerly anticipate further announcements from Google, which could potentially redefine the possibilities of stylus interaction within the Android ecosystem.

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