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Apple Expected to Launch A Whole Suite of New Products in 2022

Apple Expected to Launch A Whole Suite of New Products in 2022

by Aiman MaulanaDecember 8, 2021
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Apple Expected to Launch A Whole Suite of New Products in 2022 29

2022 is going to be a huge year for Apple as they are gearing up to launch a full suite of new products for the masses to enjoy. Here’s what we know thus far.

Apple to Launch A Whole Suite of New Products in 2022

iPhone 13 unboxing

According to a report by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple has some big plans for 2022, with a new theme of “Apple Silicon” in mind. They will be looking to revamp and update their products with their own chips.

From what we know thus far, this is expected to happen with the MacBook Pro, a new Mac Mini, and a MacBook Air as they will be revitalized with the new Apple M2 chip. Moreover, there is a “high end” iMac developing behind the scenes as well.

As for tablet offerings, there will be new models of the standard iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro coming in 2022. The iPad Pro is also expected to come with wireless charging, but no confirmations on that yet. Moving on to wearables, we can expect to see 3 new Apple Watch models, including a new Apple Watch SE for those who want something more simple and affordable.

Lastly, their highly rumored AR headset could be launching this year. This would make sense since more details about it have surfaced compared to before, with it expected to be a standalone headset that would not require the use of other Apple products.

While the global chip supply shortage could still cause issues for supply, we can see that the company still plans on making a major impact in 2022. We will report more on this as soon as information becomes available so stay tuned.


Pokdepinion: Personally, I’m curious about that rumored iPhone 14 Max. I believe that will one of the better selling models since, basing it on the iPhone 13 series, the camera is good enough and some people just want a larger screen for a better multimedia experience. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next year.

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