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iQOO 12 Series to Bid Farewell to Bloatware with Funtouch OS 14

iQOO 12 Series to Bid Farewell to Bloatware with Funtouch OS 14

by Aiman MaulanaNovember 28, 2023
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As the global release of the iQOO 12 series draws near, the company has made a significant announcement that is sure to delight users. iQOO is taking a bold step by bidding farewell to annoying bloatware with the introduction of Funtouch OS 14, which is based on the latest Android 14.

iQOO 12 Series Will Have Less Bloatware

iQOO 12 Series to Bid Farewell to Bloatware with Funtouch OS 14

For those familiar with iQOO’s previous software iterations, the inclusion of “Hot Apps” and “Hot Games” out of the box might have been a common occurrence. However, with the advent of Funtouch OS 14, iQOO has decided to eliminate this bloatware, providing users with a cleaner and more streamlined experience.

In addition to the elimination of bloatware, iQOO is making a solid commitment to software support. The iQOO 12 series will be eligible for three major OS updates and will receive security patches for a period of four years. While this may not match the extended support offered by some competitors like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google, it signifies a commendable commitment to keeping iQOO devices up to date.

This move marks a positive stride for iQOO, and as the brand continues to establish itself, there is optimism that increased resources will be directed towards enhancing the longevity of software support for its smartphones. As we eagerly await the global release of the iQOO 12 series, these software improvements promise a more user-friendly and enduring experience for iQOO enthusiasts.


Pokdepinion: Bloatware is a thing pretty much everyone hates, so a complete removal or at least a reduction is always a good move. Sure, we can always find a way to uninstall things ourselves but it’s a pain to do that when we didn’t want those there in the first place.

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