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Pay as little as RM499 to get the latest HUAWEI P30

Pay as little as RM499 to get the latest HUAWEI P30

by Vyncent ChanApril 2, 2019
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During the HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro launching event earlierHUAWEI mentioned that they want to be give back to their loyal supporters with an exclusive trade-in program. They will be accepting devices as old as the HUAWEI nova 2 Plus and the HUAWEI Mate 9 for trade in when you upgrade to the HUAWEI P30 and HUAWEI P30 Pro.

The following are the devices accepted in the trade-in program and their respective maximum value:

  • HUAWEI Mate 8 32GB: RM450
  • HUAWEI Mate 8 64GB: RM600
  • HUAWEI P9 32GB: RM450
  • HUAWEI P9 64GB: RM500
  • HUAWEI P9 Plus 64GB: RM550
  • HUAWEI Mate 9: RM500
  • HUAWEI Mate 9 Pro: RM650
  • HUAWEI P10: RM600
  • HUAWEI P10 Plus: RM650
  • HUAWEI Mate 10: RM900
  • HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro: RM1100
  • HUAWEI P20: RM1050
  • HUAWEI P20 Pro: RM1250
  • HUAWEI Mate 20: RM1500
  • HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro: RM2200
  • HUAWEI Mate 20 X: RM1900
  • HUAWEI nova 2 Plus RM300
  • HUAWEI nova 2i: RM200
  • HUAWEI nova 3: RM650
  • HUAWEI nova 3i: RM400

HUAWEI is valuing your second-hand HUAWEI P20 Pro up to RM1250 if you are trading it in for a HUAWEI P30 or HUAWEI P30 Pro, while they are offering up to RM2200 for your old HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro. It actually is a pretty good offer since the HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro currently retails for around RM2999. No other brand at the moment can promise such high value for their older devices.

If you are interested to trade-in your older HUAWEI device for a brand-new HUAWEI P30 or HUAWEI P30 Pro, do head to the link here to find out the terms and condition of the trade-in program.

Pokdepinion: Those are actually pretty fair prices!

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