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realme GT delisted from Antutu charts for cheating

realme GT delisted from Antutu charts for cheating

by Vyncent ChanMarch 16, 2021
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Antutu isn’t known for being too particular about the devices that get listed on its charts. In fact a lot of manufacturers boast of Antutu scores that we have never been able to realistically recreate. But realme apparently cheated so egregiously that Antutu has decided to delist the realme GT in addition to calling them out on Weibo for cheating on the benchmark.

realme has bragged that the realme GT scores around 770 000, which was allegedly impossible to achieve under normal circumstances. Antutu then purchased a retail sample of the realme GT and found that realme has modified the benchmark files which artificially inflates the realme GT’s Antutu scores. The modified files are seen above.

The realme GT’s modified benchmark files uses thread delays to run the multi-threaded tests on its high-performance cores as much as possible, allowing it to net a higher CPU score. The JPG decoding image has also been tampered with mosaic color blocks to let the realme GT finish processing them faster, resulting in an inflated UX score.

Antutu has now given realme 3 months to resolve the issue before it can be relisted on the benchmark charts, failing which will see the realme GT removed permanently from Antutu’s benchmark charts.

realme GT cheating Xu Chase statement

However don’t expect realme to do anything soon, as realme’s Chief Marketing Officer, Xu Chase, has decided to take it to Weibo to announce that all upcoming realme products in China will no longer tout benchmark scores and instead allow “the product to speak for itself”.

This is quite an interesting decision as a lot of people still refer to benchmark scores when picking out a device, especially when it comes to flagship devices. It seems that realme and other BBK companies are now shying away from official benchmarking platforms. OnePlus has just announced that they won’t be sending the Hasselblad-toting OnePlus 9 series to DxOMark for testing.


Pokdepinion: Higher benchmark scores don’t usually translate to a significantly better user experience, but apparently realme still found it worth their time to find ways to cheat…

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