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Spotify is Draining iPhone Batteries Excessively on iOS 15

Spotify is Draining iPhone Batteries Excessively on iOS 15

by Aiman MaulanaSeptember 29, 2021
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A good number of iPhone users on iOS 15 have reportedly found that Spotify is draining their batteries more so than usual. Here’s everything that you need to know on the matter.

iOS 15: Spotify Draining iPhone Batteries Excessively

iOS 15: Spotify Draining iPhone Batteries Excessively

For iPhone users that are already using iOS 15, there is an issue of Spotify draining the battery life rather excessively. A user on Twitter claims that a single song on the resulted in the battery life depleting by 7%. It’s unknown what song it is and at what volume but we are aware of their battery going from 28% to 21%.

It’s normal for there to be this type issue with new OS updates across a wide variety of apps. Given that iOS 15 has been in beta since June 2021, you’d think they would have fixed the issue but this might be one of the few to escape their sight. Spotify has since responded to complaints on their community forums, acknowledging the matter and confirming that a fix is underway.

For now, they suggest users to try restarting the app or deleting and reinstalling the app. It might not do much, especially since a number of users have tried it with failure, but there’s no harm in trying at least. Even if it results in only a small improvement, it’s still better than nothing.

There is no word yet on exactly when the fix will be launching. However, we do expect it to arrive sooner than later so for now, hang in there a little longer and stay tuned.


Pokdepinion: At this point, I would probably stop using Spotify altogether, at least until the fix is here. Otherwise, I’m gonna see the iPhone run out of battery in half an hour.

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