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Take the cinema with you with the Samsung Galaxy S10!

Take the cinema with you with the Samsung Galaxy S10!

by Vyncent ChanApril 3, 2019
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Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays are renowned to be the best in the industry, and have become somewhat of a bragging right for certain smartphone manufacturers. So it goes without saying that Samsung’s latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S10 would feature the crème de la crème of display panels. If you who love your movies and TV shows, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the perfect device for you. Here’s why.

More screen with Infinity-O Display

Take the cinema with you with the Samsung Galaxy S10! 31

For the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Koreans went back to the drawing board and threw away the bezels to maximize the screen-to-body ratio. To still offer you great selfies without sacrificing the IP68 rating Samsung flagships are now renowned for, they implemented their Infinity-O Display. It remains out of sight and out of a mind most of the time, which is just perfect for you to take in all the beautiful visuals from your video content of choice via the Dynamic AMOLED displays Samsung packed into the Galaxy S10 series.

HDR10+ capable for optimized contrast, all the time

Take the cinema with you with the Samsung Galaxy S10! 32

The Dynamic AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the world’s first display to support the HDR10+ standard. While few smartphones even have support for HDR10, Samsung takes it a notch further with HDR10+ by supporting dynamic metadata. This allows content creators to finetune the contrast down to a frame-by-frame basis. This means that you will get optimized contrast levels for every scene in a video or movie, rather than HDR10 which allows for a single setting that will be used throughout the length of the content.

Feature-packed for the ultimate viewing experience

Take the cinema with you with the Samsung Galaxy S10! 33

In addition to offering the most advanced HDR-capable display in the industry, the Samsung Galaxy S10 also touts blue light protection all without affecting the color tone of videos and images. This gives you an excellent viewing experience which you can now enjoy for longer periods due to the reduced emission of blue light from the Dynamic AMOLED display. There’s also dynamic tone mapping on the Galaxy S10, allowing you to experience better dynamic range non-HDR games and video content. In addition to the impressive display, it also features mDNIe or mobile Digital Natural Image engine, which automatically adjust the brightness, sharpness and contrast as well as compensating for any changes in color and contrast to improve your viewing experience.

Audio by AKG, with or without earphones

Take the cinema with you with the Samsung Galaxy S10! 34

Last but not least, the Samsung Galaxy S10 come with Dolby Atmos enhancement for its stereo speakers by AKG to allow you to experience great audio with or without connecting earphones to the 3.5mm jack which Samsung is still gratuitously packing with the Galaxy S10 series. Speaking of earphones, there are a pair of AKG earphones in every Samsung Galaxy S10’s package. The Samsung Galaxy S10 not only offers you the best visual experience ever on a smartphone, but it is also ready for a great listening experience.

Without a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is a media powerhouse equipped with the latest technologies to deliver an amazing audiovisual experience anywhere, anytime. We would even go as far as to say the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the closest thing to a cinema you can ever have that fits right in the palm of your hand. So what are you waiting for?

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