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Trump Is Treating HUAWEI Unfairly Claims Microsoft

Trump Is Treating HUAWEI Unfairly Claims Microsoft

by Raja IdrisSeptember 11, 2019
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Now we all know that HUAWEI hasn’t been in terms with Trump over the couple of months, where the Chinese company are unable to purchase or sell products to US companies for new devices. This is seen as a major hit since they rely on a number of American made components to make their products. It seems that Microsoft’s very own president, Brad Smith, has something to say on the matter.

He has recently said that the ban on HUAWEI was unfair as well as ‘un-American’ of them. Adding to that, he calls for better transparency in the investigation (of them being a security threat), asking for more evidence.

Interestingly, he revealed that when Microsoft approached the Trump administration about HUAWEI’s case, they usually get answers like “Well, if you knew what we knew, you would agree with us”. Microsoft would usually reply “Great, show us what you know so we can decide for ourselves”, imploring that that’s the way the country works.

Smith added that the ban could affect the competitiveness of US companies on a global scale by saying “You can’t be a global technology leader if you can’t bring your technology to the globe”. He believes that in order to solve the issue, working together on a global scale should be a priority. A standard for privacy and data collection that all can follow, including China, is the way to move forward.

Pokdepinion: Some valid points that he’s made, especially the working together part. If the Trump administration is so scared and they have prove for it, why not make it public?

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