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Apple’s Foldable Project Gains Momentum – Design Elements Converge

Apple’s Foldable Project Gains Momentum – Design Elements Converge

by Aiman MaulanaFebruary 27, 2024
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In a recent report citing insights from “supply chain sources,” it appears that Apple’s venture into the realm of foldable devices is progressing steadily, with various design elements beginning to coalesce.

Apple’s Foldable Project Gains Momentum

Apple's Foldable Project Gains Momentum - Design Elements Converge

This convergence of design aspects signifies that Apple’s folding project has entered a crucial phase, hinting at the possibility that the tech giant is gearing up for mass production. While this suggests a significant stride, the report implies that consumers might not witness the fruition of Apple’s folding device either this year or in 2025.

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Amid swirling rumors, indications point to Apple exploring at least two flip-style folding devices, challenging expectations by steering away from the prospect of an iPhone adopting this innovative design. Instead, speculation hints at a potential 7-8-inch foldable prototype aligning more with the iPad category. This strategic move could signify the company’s cautious approach, testing waters with a less pivotal product before potentially integrating the technology into its flagship iPhone lineup.


Pokdepinion: Whether it’s a foldable iPad or an iPhone, it’s certainly something exciting to look forward to. It would also be interesting if we ended up with amalgamation of both products as well, though I doubt it will happen so soon.

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