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Have Procrastination Issues? These Smart Glasses Might Be For You

Have Procrastination Issues? These Smart Glasses Might Be For You

by Raja IdrisSeptember 2, 2020
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We get it. It’s probably hard to focus on your tasks at this day and age, with countless of distractions all around us. Well it appears that a company in Canada is working on smart glasses that aims to help you focus on…well what you should be focusing on.

Specs smart glasses

The product is called Specs and it is currently on KickStarter by Auctify. Inc from Canada. Specs comes with a companion app that allows it to identify what websites or apps you’re using and then give that information to its tracking history.

According to reports, the smart glasses is able to recognize 20 different activities at launch. This includes reading, writing, looking at your phone, your laptop, TV, working out at the gym, yoga, cooking, playing a music instrument, eating, as well as talking with other people. They’ve said that there will be more to come in the future as well as the option to customize how these activities are categorized.

Have Procrastination Issues? These Smart Glasses Might Be For You 21

Aside from that, you can utilize Specs as a fitness tracker, music player, and even to make calls. How exactly? Well the smart glasses comes with built-in blood oximeter, accelerometer, gyroscope and also bone conduction speakers.

With it observing what you’re seeing, obviously there is questions about privacy. The company has said Specs “never sends photos or videos anywhere over the internet and it uses machine learning to analyze visual on-device, after which they’re immediately discarded”.

It appears that production for the glasses will begin in December and scheduled for a release in January 2020. Interested in them? They are available from US$239 (~RM990).


Pokdepinion: I definitely know a number of people who needs these glasses! The question is, how effective are they though..

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