Sony Releases REON POCKET 5 Wearable “Thermo-Device Kit”

Low Boon Shen
2 Min Read

Sony has launched its latest wearable thermo-device, the REON POCKET 5 in additional markets, now including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. The wearable is designed to be worn at the back of the neck, providing direct cooling or warming to the body surface.

The new model serves as the successor of REON POCKET 4, which was met with commercial success when it sold 10,000 units in just 3 days in Japan and Hong Kong, and all units were completely sold out 3 months after launch. This prompted the company to expand the product into more markets, with this particular launch focusing at Southeast Asian countries – the region where it can get rather toasty at times.


Sony Releases REON POCKET 5 Wearable "Thermo-Device Kit"
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