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Microsoft Teases “Largest Technical Leap” in Upcoming Xbox Console

Microsoft Teases “Largest Technical Leap” in Upcoming Xbox Console

by Aiman MaulanaFebruary 26, 2024
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Sarah Bond, the President of Xbox for Microsoft, recently dropped a tantalizing hint about the next-generation Xbox console, touting it as the “largest technical leap” in the gaming world. This revelation came during an official Xbox podcast, stirring up anticipation among gaming enthusiasts.

Major Leap in Next Xbox Console

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Bond’s reference to a significant advancement suggests that Microsoft is gearing up to unveil a gaming console that surpasses the technological capabilities of its predecessors. Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox, had previously alluded to the company’s efforts in optimizing Windows for handheld devices. This has fueled speculation about the potential development of a handheld device, especially if Microsoft achieves a groundbreaking technical breakthrough.

The gaming community can look forward to more details about this groundbreaking console and Microsoft’s future roadmap during the upcoming holiday season. The promise of the “largest technical leap” indicates not only enhanced gaming experiences but also potential benefits for creators.

Beyond the new console, there are rumors circulating about an optical driveless edition of the Xbox Series X and the introduction of a new controller. Microsoft seems poised to make significant announcements, creating an air of excitement and anticipation within the gaming community. Stay tuned for updates on the evolution of gaming technology and the much-anticipated next-generation console.


Pokdepinion: We’ve come to a point where we don’t really mind much about having the best hardware anymore, though I understand that it’s more important for consoles to be as strong as possible as it lacks the upgradability that a PC offers. I would still focus more on making the gaming experience more intuitive and as convenient as possible.

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